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PASS Protection / PASS Protection Plus In order to be eligible for your money back or the free re-sits which could be provided by PASS Protection / PASS Protection Plus you just need to score 90% or more in all of our topic tests and pass 10 mock theory tests before your actual test to show us you are fully prepared.

If you fail the multiple choice questions part of the test after meeting the above criteria and you scored at least 35 out of 50 in a car test. Just send your original failure document to Driving Theory4All for processing. If the required conditions have been met we will either refund our fee or pay for up to three re-sits for you depending on the subscription type you have purchased. Any bookings will be made at times to suit you.
You cannot claim if you fail to take the test for any reason or if your use of our site or your results do not meet the above criteria.

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